Sam Bradford planning to catch up on reading, injuries in next 2 weeks

111515-NFL-CRUNCH-TIME-EH-PI.vadapt.620.high.68Philadelphia, PA – Despite suffering a concussion and a separated shoulder this past Sunday, Sam Bradford was upbeat about the next two weeks.

The young quarterback said he hates to miss games, but if he has to sit out for an injury he likes to make the most of his situation.

“Sometimes it’s good to be able to take a step back from a trying season, to take some time for yourself,” Bradford told reporters Wednesday morning.

When asked what he would for himself, Bradford said he was going to stay in shape at the team facility and catch up on some activities he usually doesn’t have time for during the season.

“Oh I definitely want to catch up on my reading, that’s for sure. And I really need to catch up on all the injuries I’m too busy for when I’m playing football. That’s going to be a huge priority for me,” Bradford said.

When asked to elaborate , Bradford shrugged and said he would like to “maybe be hit by a bus while I cross Broad Street or something.”

“That seems like a good one, I’ve always wanted to do that. Being struck by the 10 ton vehicle as I’m absentmindedly playing Candy Crush on my iPhone, my body rag-dolling through the street, only to come to an abrupt halt when the side of my head strikes a curb,” Bradford said. “That’s a good one.”

Bradford said he didn’t want to make any specific injury plans, so he would not be disappointed if he didn’t experience them all, but said there were definitely a few he hoped would happen between now and his return to the Eagles.

“Nothing too high brow, you know? Just something mindless, like a dropped hammer from a construction site striking me in the head, or dislocating both of my knee caps stepping awkwardly out of a cab. Something I can enjoy,” he said.

At press time, Bradford was not ruling out falling down a manhole and landing in a nest of poisonous spiders.

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