Ray Didinger: The Eagles are an affront to everything good in life

ray-didingerPhiladelphia, PA – Ray Didinger, the normally calm and collected Hall of Fame football analyst, continued his whirlwind media freak-out tour after the Eagles lost to the lowly Miami Dolphins 20-19 this past Sunday.

Didinger harshly criticized Kelly on Sunday after the game when Kelly mentioned he was happy the team had run 88 plays during the course of the game.

Didinger did not make any media appearances on Monday, perhaps hoping he would cool off, but level-heads did not prevail as he appeared in a profanity laced appearance on the 94 WIP Morning Show with Angelo Cataldi.

“This…this is just horseshit. It’s horseshit. How long do we have to keep caring about a franchise that can’t string two lousy wins together? You have dumbass Mark Sanchez throwing the ball five yards behind the first down line, piece of garbage Caleb Sturgis shanking 32-yard field goals a paraplegic could make and a head coach who is so inept as a GM he makes me wish Andy Reid were still here,” the panting Didinger said, as the executive producer frantically tried to dump out of the segment.

Angelo Cataldi warned Didinger he would have to calm down while the dump-button refreshed, but Didinger didn’t seem to care or listen.

“They’re an affront to everything good in life. Do you think I want to analyze this team week in and week out? I get chest pains having to break down their plays every Monday, they are literally killing me. I could be making love to my wife, drinking some fine scotch, smoking a cigar….but because I’m a Hall of Fame Football analyst I need to waste the remaining years I have left on this planet watching a giant turd of a team dry out and turn white in the sun,” he screamed.

At press time, Didinger had reportedly thrown his headphones at Al Morganti and was trashing the 94 WIP break room.

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