REPORT: Joel Embiid getting fitted for peg leg

JoelPhiladelphia, PA – Reports coming out of the 76ers front office this morning are showing Joel Embiid suffered another injury to his oft-injured right foot.

While the medical information is differing, there were numerous reports this morning Embiid’s leg had been amputated beneath the knee sometime in the past month and was being fitted for a peg leg this afternoon.

“We’re not sure what he’s going to go with, but his leg is definitely gone. We’re hearing he’s either going to go with a wooden leg or may go for an upgraded whale bone leg, which we’re hearing will allow him to be slightly more mobile in the future,” a medical representative reported to the Coggin late last evening.

It’s a definite setback for the young athlete, as it’s unknown how this will affect his future with the 76ers.

Little is known as to how Embiid lost his foot. There are few injuries that could have led to such a medical procedure, as Embiid had limited his physical activity to just his weekly physical therapy sessions.

Embiid’s participation in a recent whaling venture may have led to the injury, but is just speculation at this point.

A return date for Embiid’s return to the basketball court is unknown at this time.

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