Sam Bradford wows during iron lung drills at Philadelphia Eagles OTAs

Sam B

Sam Bradford, in happier and healthier times.

Philadelphia, PA – Eagles teammates were buzzing at the completion of OTAs yesterday, everyone wanting to talk about the new Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford and his performance at the NovaCare Complex this week.

Described as being in “mid-season” form, Bradford reportedly spent most of the week encased in an iron lung, struggling to breathe as team physicians and a team priest huddled around him, monitoring the frail 27-year-old athlete.

“He was fabulous today. I swear, he almost opened his eyes once around 2 p.m., it was a sight to behold. He’s much farther along right now than where he was last year,” second-year wide receiver Jordan Matthews said. “If he can regain the ability to breathe on his own by the start of the season, I see great things for the team.”

By far the highlight of the week came when Bradford squeezed the hand of team trainer Chris Peduzzi twice – once indicating yes and twice indicating no – when asked if he wished to be taken off life support.

“He’s got fight in him, I’ll give him that. With these encouraging signs I think we can move his therapy ahead by a few weeks. We might even have him up to solid foods in a year or so, god willing,” Peduzzi said. “We figured we’d give him the opportunity to die with some dignity if it was what he wanted, but we’re happy he opted out of it. We did, however, ask his parents to not forget about signing those blood donor cards as soon as possible.”

As of press time, the team priest could be seen walking out of Bradford’s room, ashen faced, clutching a rosary in both hands and cursing God.

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