BREAKING: 76ers leak mock-ups of new uniforms

76ers logoPhiladelphia, PA – Continuing the overhaul of the entire organization, Philadelphia 76ers representatives have been teasing the idea of new uniforms and new team logos since the conclusion of the 2014-2015 season. Well folks, The Coggin Toboggan has received leaked information from the organization’s front office and has three separate mock-ups of what the new uniforms may look like for the next season.

Here are each of the uniform prototypes and our thoughts on the ensembles.

old-time-basketballNow these are fantastic. Note the high socks and the belts on the shorts for the guarantee of no droopage or slippage. The white, hard topped shoes may make it difficult for maximum speed on the court, but should provide athletes with top-notch levels of class and sophistication.

1934_cropThe tank tops are a nice touch, but the short shorts are just too much. It doesn’t look like our boys will be able to even breathe in those things! However, the shoes look like they would provide excellent ankle support and really bring the outfits together.

topekaaces2lgWe love the skorts. They don’t reveal too much, but will really gives the guys in the crowd a good look at the gams and stems of our 76ers, hubba hubba. Please note, the hair styles will be mandatory if these uniforms are picked.

1904-1905 TeamHey hey, I think we have a winner! This choice really brings everything positive about the previous outfits together into one uniform. The stripes are fantastic, the high socks will keep legs warm during the harshest winter, and the shoes will hold up under the burdens of a long season. Additional points awarded for the suit Brett Brown will wear for the entire season.

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