Jason Babin

Oh Jason….why do you do this to us?


So Jason Babin has blocked us on Twitter. Why? I have no idea. Jason, we do this because we love you, don’t you know that? I mean, it’s your fault, really, when you get right down to it and think it through (not your strong point, but that’s ok).

But since he blocked us on Twitter, maybe our readers can tweet the article below to him, let him know that the CT still loves him and will continue to follow his career.

Let him know for us!

Dimwitted Jason Babin eagerly awaiting trade to Eagles



New York, NY – With so many moves being made over the weekend, dunderheaded defensive end Jason Babin has been sitting eagerly by his phone since Sunday evening, convinced the Eagles will be contacting him soon to reunite the 2011 dream team.

“Do you see what those guys are doing? They’re spending all of this money, they’re bringing the dream team back together!” The dimwitted Babin said. “I can’t wait to get back in that locker room. Those guys loved me.”