Alex Henery

Caleb Sturgis warns Eagles fan to “cool it” while he’s around

Caleb_SturgisPhiladelphia, PA – Newly signed kicker Caleb Sturgis had some strong words for the sometimes harsh Philadelphia Eagles fans and told them all to “preach patience” until he became familiar with the intricacies of kicking at Lincoln Financial Field.

“I know Eagles fans can be a little ‘saucy’ at times and may have a bad reputation for throwing batteries at Santa, but I’m no pushover. Just cool it with the harsh talk and potential cat calls until I get a chance to prove myself and figure out the wind patterns at the Linc.”

Sturgis then pointed his finger into the camera and gave it a stern look.

“I’m not joshing. Just try me, Eagles fans. Really, just try me. I don’t put up with any bunk.”