Does the Eagles Super Bowl win help with this season’s ineptitude?

I didn’t feel like writing anything today about the Eagles collapse against the Panthers, because what more can be said that hasn’t already been said? 17-0, give up 21 points in the fourth quarter, Wentz misses a wide-open Smallwood to move the chains at the end, fumbles, game over. 3-4 on the season. Fine. Whatever.

Then I saw this.

Everything wrong with Philadelphia sports fans summed up nicely by two moron sports talk callers. Nicely done, gentlemen.

Nobody is in “mourning,” Mark from Mount Laurel. If you can’t get out of bed after an Eagles loss, you have bigger things to worry about than football. Pop a few Xanax like the rest of us and move along with your day.

I get mad at these losses. They piss me off, but after quietly turning off the television following the Wentz fumble, I realized something.

It doesn’t sting as much as year’s past because the needle in the back of my skull, the hot, piercing jab of “will this team ever win a Super Bowl in my lifetime?” isn’t there this year.

I get mad. I get annoyed. And then an hour later I’m fine. Yes, it’s better if they win, because we’re not inundated with tidal waves of negativity on social media, radio, the TV…and the city itself is in a better mood following an Eagles victory.

But for me it’s not as bad this year. Anyone else feel the same way? They won a Super Bowl less than a year ago. That surely takes the sting out of an incompetent season so far, right?


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