The mere fact that Michael Wilbon is rallying against the 76ers gives me hope for the series

Michael Wilbon (who is still a thing at ESPN apparently) took a few minutes out of his busy schedule of telling people he knows Michael Jordan to express his UTMOST DISPLEASURE at T.J. “Billy Hoyle” McConnell’s OUTRAGEOUSLY DISRESPECTFUL game 4 moment when he dared to stare at his hand after torching Terry “I look like I should be fat” Rozier. has the transcript of the moment from yesterday’s PTI:

“I believe the Sixers are going to become hateable for the rest of the nation very soon,” Wilbon told co-host Tony Kornheiser. “Some little dude named T.J. is looking at his hand like he’s Shaq. Here’s what’s going to happen to T.J. in the next game: Terry Rozier is going to run over him like a truck, and he’s not going to do anything.”

Just bad point after bad point streaming out of Wilbon’s gaping maw. One, everyone already hates the 76ers. Two, Shaq is so cross-eyed there’s no way he could have ever stared at his hand that closely. Three, Terry Rozier is going to be far too busy jumping up at Joel Embiid like Little Mac with a star punch to do anything about McConnell’s antics.

Frankly, I appreciate Wilbon coming out and giving his prediction for the series because it buoys me with hope that the 76ers still have a chance. Has a man ever been so wrong on so many levels when it comes to his “profession” like Michael Wilbon? I’d be far more worried if he came out and said the Sixers stood a chance of coming back in this series.

If I may dust off this old chestnut of what COULD be the worst NBA draft opinion of all time.

Well, ok, Brice Johnson isn’t at the level of Ben Simmons or Donovan Mitchell, but maybe he’s had a good career? Let’s give it a look.


Huh….47 points scored in three seasons of basketball action. I mean, that’s ALMOST 50 points, so good on Michael Wilbon for having a KEEN EYE for NBA talent.

Get rid of this dork and give Katie Nolan another $1 million, enough with him.

Don’t be a poser and load up on 76ers gear after they comeback and win game 7. Get in on the ground floor now, with the cool kids.

Philadelphia 76ers Phila Unite Playoff Shirt


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