Joel Embiid needs to stay far, FAR away from the Ball family

No. NO. NO NO NO NO NO. You stay away from him, Joel. STAY AWAY FROM HIM ::gets out spray bottle and sprays water on him when he walks over to Lavar Ball::

Embiid, god damnit, you can not become all chummy with anyone in the Ball family. Everyone enjoyed it much, much  more when you were lobbing horrendously funny tweets at that melonhead’s futile efforts to keep his sons relevant and in the public eye.

This Instagram post…

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WHAT A NIGHT !!!!! #TheProcess

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…is so much more preferable to this bullshit…

He’s not fun and he’s not full of energy. He’s a boil on the ass of basketball and he’s making everything so much harder for his children, whom every single NBA player wants to nationally embarrass because of their dad’s fat mouth.

It was reported that Ball had a “message” for Embiid and gave him some advice during their meeting. What in fucks sake could Lavar “don’t call me Mr. Potato Head” Ball have to say to Embiid in terms of useful pieces of advice?

This is the same guy that’s pulling his less-than-talented son out of UCLA and shipping his ass overseas to play basketball in some godforsaken third world country in a futile attempt for him to catch on somewhere.

Embiid is a young man, he’s impressionable. Lavar Ball is a virus and we can’t have him worming his way into Embiid’s supple brain.

View this warming to Ball as a gateway drug for Embiid. Sure, it seems harmless, but if he’s not careful he’ll find himself locked into an iron-clad contract hawking “Big Baller” brand shoes at $500 a pop and wondering where the past 10 years of his life went.


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