“Hossa must have an allergy to hard work,” jokes Chicago sports anchor about to be fired

6-20_marian_hossa_apUnbeknownst to ABC-7 Chicago sports anchor Dianna Hamlin, the veteran sports journalist chuckled to herself during Wednesday morning’s broadcast as she geared up to make a joke about Blackhawks forward Marian Hossa that would surely get her fired within 72 hours.

The 10-year broadcasting vet ignored every spark of common sense that flashed through her brain as she delivered her story that beloved Blackhawks forward Hossa would miss the entire 2017-2018 season, and possibly be forced to retire, after it was revealed he has a serious allergy to his equipment.

“And Hossa will have to take several very serious medications to counteract the effects of the allergy. Team officials noted that doctors will have to test his blood once every two weeks to make sure he isn’t developing any adverse effects to the medications,” Hamlin said, as her brain plowed ahead and formed the joke she would be forced to defend on multiple media outlets for the next month.

“An allergy huh?” she said, smiling to herself as she didn’t recognize the surefire shit storm she was willfully about to walk into. “Seems like the only allergy he has is one to hard work and dedication. Someone didn’t want to do any off season training I guess.”

Her smile wavered for just a moment on the footage that would be shared thousands of times through Twitter and dissected by talking heads for the next several days.

“Right? Who misses so much time for allergies, just take some Benadryl and get back out there,” she said, doubling down on her joke despite her instincts screaming at her to get back to the broadcast.

After the director cut to commercial, Hamlin nervously congratulated the crew on a good show and wondered why her phone was vibrating nonstop.



  1. Who is Dianna Hamlin? Who is “Miller”?
    You have messed up the name so badly your story is not credible.


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