Anthony Gargano returns to 97.5 FM after deep contemplation, binge eating capocollo

C9Z26pEXsAAO__h.jpg97.5 FM Morning Show host Anthony Gargano returned to the air Monday morning after taking several days off last week after the firing of his on-air producer Maureen Crowley Williams.

Gargano and co-host Brian Baldinger both returned to the sports talk station this morning and addressed the elephant in the room right off the bat.

According to Gargano, he spent his time away from the show in deep reflection and contemplation, carefully deliberating his next move, weighing his options, and eating his body weight in capocollo.

“It was important for me to not make a rash decision on my future when there was so much emotion involved in this move. I don’t want to go into exactly why it was emotional, but I think many of you know what I am referring to,” Gargano declared during a segment at the top of the show this morning.

“And bo, let me tell you, capocollo from Pastaficio heals all wounds and soothes the soul. Cuz, let me tell you, I just had them give me the brick of it and I cut it myself. Mama mia, that’s a heck of a meat,” Gargano said.

At press time, Gargano’s personal physician called in on-air to notify him that his cholesterol levels were in the upper 500s.


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