Maureen Crowley Williams: ‘I was foolish for getting into high stakes game of romance, sports talk radio’


Philadelphia, PA – Maureen Crowley Williams spoke for the first time since being released from her 97.5 the Fanatic contract this morning, as the ex-producer for the 97.5 FM Morning Show told reporters she knew all along she was walking a tight-rope when it came to the high stakes game of “romance and Philadelphia sports talk radio.”

Williams, known to listeners as MCW, was long rumored to have been linked romantically to renaissance man Anthony Gargano, as the seasoned radio host and lover of the arts and fine wine brought her into the producer role despite having never had a prior career in broadcasting.

Williams said she knew it was a poor decision to mix romance with career, but couldn’t resist the debonair charm and the extensive knowledge of “hate the face guys” that Gargano possessed.

“I knew it was a bad idea to mix business and pleasure, and in the end I couldn’t keep up with all of the machiavellian maneuvering that was necessary to pull off behind the scenes,” MCW noted. “Way too much politics and back door deals to make it all work.”

While it was difficult to deal with, MCW said it was nearly impossible for her to resist Gargano’s charm.

“You could see why a girl would fall so easily for him. If you named any type of wine he could tell you the best cheesesteak location in the city to pair it with. Sure, it was always Geno’s or Pat’s, but it still turned me on,” she said.

At press time, MCW said she knew she had fallen in love after Gargano surprised her one morning with a bottle of Chateau Lafite, 1787, and a half-eaten tomato pie from Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza.

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