Dave Hakstol reports Shayne Gostisbehere to FBI for running March Madness pool

051915_hakstol-dave_600Talented Flyers defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere was seen being escorted out of the Flyers practice facility in handcuffs this morning, as several federal agents led him to an unmarked black van as head coach Dave Hakstol looked on disapprovingly.

Gostibehere’s running afoul of the FBI was reportedly Hakstol’s doing, as the head coach made several calls to the federal agency earlier this week to make them aware of Gostibehere’s involvement running an NCAA March Madness pool for his teammates.

“It’s illegal. I won’t have it on my team. Young players have to learn that the world isn’t given to them on a silver platter. Maybe a few months in Guantanamo Bay will help straighten him out and get his game right,” Hakstol told reporters this morning.

When asked who else was participating in the pool, Hakstol said he had a “strong suspicion” that Travis Konecny was involved and would likely be scratched from the lineup for the rest of the season.

At press time, Hakstol was seen paying $20 to Chris VandeVelde to participate in his NIT Tournament pool.


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