Is it too late to get that Breakfast on Broad mug I was promised MONTHS AGO?

bob2By now you’ve probably heard that the cornerstone of morning sports shows in Philadelphia, Breakfast on Broad, may be on its last legs. WHAT A FALL FROM GRACE!

Young, dynamic hot shot Rob Ellis overwhelmed the hearts and minds of this city 20 months ago. Not a single pair of soccer mom panties weren’t SOPPING after Ellis invaded their kitchen nooks each morning. The ladies swooned, the men wished they were him, and the city was his oyster.


The face that dropped thousands of Delaware Valley panties each morning.


Now, well, his Breakfast on Broad empire is crumbling. Flew too close to the sun on the wings of hot takes and cheesy bits.

Rumor has is that the show may continue and the talent is safe, but production employees may get the boot in order to cut costs.

People may lose their jobs. Lives may be ruined.

But you know what? The show ran fast and loose, making promises it couldn’t keep. I’m not surprised. You know what I’m talking about, Ellis. A certain promotional mug promised to an up and coming blogger, who still believed in the goodness and purity of people in this business…

Still waiting on that Breakfast on Bob mug, Ellis….nearly a YEAR AND A HALF LATER.

I’m not bitter. Did I take a bit of delight in the fact that your show will be going off the air when you’re most likely hording my mug in your Main Line mansion? Maybe you’re looking at it each night before you go to sleep on your mattress stuffed with hundred dollar bills, surrounded by beautiful naked women, chuckling at the fact that you got one over on a young, impressionable blogger that took a shot on a Twitter contest to win a piece of sweet, sweet Breakfast on Broad swag?

Well who has the last laugh now, Robby? This guy.

Still waiting on that mug.

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