Odell Beckham Jr. reportedly stole cursed doubloon from Blackbeard’s ship while in Miami


Blackbeard the Pirate is not a Giants fan.

New York, NY – This should give the New York media more ammunition to pile on Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

After dropping several passes in key situations against the Green Bay Packers yesterday and facing harsh criticism for his decision to attend a boat party in Miami last week with several teammates, new information is breaking that reported Odell Beckham Jr. stole a gold doubloon piece from a spectral ghost ship the revelers came upon while sailing through deep fog off the Florida coast.

Not heeding the warnings of his teammates, Beckham boarded the ship to “just take a look around.” Before returning to his own yacht, the shimmering gold piece caught his attention. According to witnesses, when Beckham pried the gold piece from betwixt the skeletal fingers a great groan erupted from the ship and a chill “like that from the depths of the grave” filled the air while he scrambled to get back on his yacht.

When the captain steered the yacht out of the fog, the passengers were surprised to look back and not see a glimpse of the pirate ship or the dense fog they had just been enveloped in, almost as if it had never been there at all.

Blackbeard historian Curtis P. Florentine, PhD, told the Coggin Toboggan that a curse has long been rumored to come over any man or woman who dared to seize a piece of the pirate’s gold.

Florentine provided the Coggin with a piece Blackbeard himself wrote before his death in 1718, detailing the curse of his hard earned booty:

“Any man who dares take what he has not earned from Blackbeard shall be forever doomed to toil upon this earth with hands of stone and shall be second guessed by local scribes for decisions that he makes for the rest of his accursed life. Take heed this warning and do not befall the curse of Blackbeard, or you shall be labeled as immature and lacking the clutch gene for all eternity.

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