BREAKING: Marcus Hayes responsible for Jeff McLane press box ejection

auinezeiPhiladelphia, PA – Following the ongoing story of Philadelphia Inquirer Eagles beat writer Jeff McLane being kicked out of the Eagles press box this afternoon, new details have come to light that show a Daily News reporter may have been responsible for McLane’s ejection.

Reports have come in to the Toboggan that show Daily News beat writer Marcus Hayes texted the Eagles security line with several complaints about McLane’s behavior, which is highly unusual since the security line is reserved for anonymously reporting bad fan behavior on game day.

An Eagles insider procured the texts that led to McLane’s ejection and have sent them to the Toboggan.

Here are the texts from Hayes to the Eagles security line that led to the ejection:

  1. That bastard McLane touched every single hotdog in the steamer tray before he settled on a cheesesteak. WTF? Get him out of here.
  2. Someone needs to get him out of here, this is a disgrace. I was looking forward to my usual 11 or 12 hotdogs during the game and now I’m unable to enjoy myself. This is ridiculous. He needs to be gone. 
  3. He won’t admit to it either, but I know he’s the one who complained to Eagles SR VP Anne Gordon about the amount of time I spent in the bathroom during the first quarter. How do you define something as “excessive?” This is America, right? You try to get off the toilet in less than 45 minutes after the New Year’s Eve I had. Those buffets know Marcus “The Dumpster” Hayes was there last night, I tell you.
  4. Toss him out. Say he violated the fan code of conduct. I don’t care. Shame on him.
  5. Stupid McLane, thinks he’s so great because he doesn’t need to punch additional holes in all of his belts. Sad!
  6. This is anonymous right? McLane sux! lolol.

The Toboggan will keep you updated as new information comes in for this scandal.

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