Tony Romo blinks once for yes, confirms he may back for season opener


Tony Romo looking to be in mid-season form.

Dallas, TX – Dallas Cowboys fans breathed a sigh of relief this morning when injured quarterback Tony Romo blinked once to confirm “yes”from his hospital room when a reporter asked if he could possibly be available on week one.

Romo, lying motionless in a hospital bed with a large intubation tube down his throat to assist him in breathing, answered questions from the media using the classic one blink for yes, two blinks for no system.

Grave looking physicians examined the rapidly atrophying quarterback, shaking their heads when he showed little response to pin pricks in his fingers.

Romo answered more question before being placed into a medically induced coma for an extensive week of cooling therapy to reduce the swelling of his spine.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the organization would know more about his status after the results of an intrusive MRI and CT scan of his spine returned, but believed he stood a good chance of playing in the first week of the season.

“It’s true that he also had to have one of his lungs removed due to several cracked ribs puncturing the organ, but we’re still hopeful Tony can show his trademark grit and hustle to lead this team to victory in week one,” Jones said, watching his franchise quarterback being wheeled into the operating room.

Sources confirmed that Jones believed the worst case scenario for Romo would be returning by week three, but would fill out his organ donor cards just to be safe.

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