Aye, the Old Chip Kelly house? I wouldn’t go up there, some say it’s haunted


I wouldn’t go down that road.

Well hello young fellas, what can I do for you this fine summer afternoon? Care for a glass of sweet tea? Maybe sit on my porch for a spell, catch your breath and your bearings, you all look like you’ve traveled many miles.

No? Well what can I do to help you? I don’t have much, just a simple man with a simple way of life, working the land and doing the best I can to keep my family afloat.

Now, why would you be asking me about the Old Kelly house? What do you know of it? Nobody has come around these parts in years and asked me about that homestead….and for good reason. No, no, I’d just forget it, young fella, nobody has gone around there for many months.

You city slickers really won’t take no for an answer, will ye? Well, I wouldn’t go up there if I were you, as many of us around here believe it’s haunted. That house has a history. Yah, lot of history in that old house.

Haunted, yes you heard me sonny. It was owned by a very peculiar man going on two years. Nice enough I suppose. Always had a cup of sorghum at the ready if things needed to be borrowed, always willing to roll up his sleeves and help with the kumquat harvest come fall, but a god fearing Christian could tell something was just not right.

He was a popular man round these parts when he first arrived. Toast of the town, if you ask me, but after the sheen wore off and we could see down to what he really was, we could see the ugliness under his smile, the tides started to turn against his favor.

You see…many believed he did….things up there. Scientific like things to the human body, unholy things designed to wring out every inch and drop of a man’s essence, always pushing the laws of God to the edge. You see, we could hear screams coming from that homestead, very faint ya see, but screams nonetheless.

Screams of the damned, if you ask me.

Never did know if it was Kelly himself or the experiments he worked on, never so much wanted to find out for myself.

Some say that ground is sour. No, better to just it alone.

People who went up there, well some never came out, never came back to their loved ones. The ones that did…well they were fundamentally changed. Not right in the head. Hard to explain really, it was like their souls had been damaged. Ya.

Did you know he had a pool in his home? Not in the backyard, but in his living room. Ask yourself, what kind of man has a pool in his home? Doesn’t make sense to me….couldn’t have been in a right mind.


The old Kelly homestead. Some say it’s hainted.

One day he just up and left. Nobody saw him leave, but moving trucks showed up and took all of his things and packed him up in the dead of night. Never saw or heard of him again. Some say he went west to seek his fortune, some say the townsfolk finally tired of his antics and ran him out of town…nobody knows for sure.

I won’t be the man to tell ya what happened.

Now that you mention it, some hikers did come by here a few months ago, said they were going up to the old Kelly homestead. Never did see them again. Could have come back down while I wasn’t here, or they might not have. Young people, like yourself, didn’t listen to me either.

Still going up, ehh? Well I wish ya luck. Stay safe and steer clear of that pool, ya hear me? You listen to me and you leave that place if you notice anything unholy on its grounds, ye’d best to listen to me.

God bless you all. Ya.

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