REPORT: 76ers Joel Embiid cleared to resume tweeting at Rihanna

screen-shot-2014-08-01-at-7-20-58-amPhiladelphia, PA – The good news keeps on coming for the Philadelphia 76ers, as team doctors and physicians have cleared oft-injured 22-year-old center Joel Embiid to resume his tweeting to pop-star Rihanna.

Christopher C. Dodson, MD, head physician for the 76ers, said Embiid could resume “light-tweeting” to Rihanna during the mornings and late afternoon, under the strict supervision of team officials.

“We’re getting him slowly back to doing what he loves. He’s been extremely patient throughout this entire process and is eagerly awaiting full clearance to get back to where he was several years ago,” Dodson said.

Philadelphia fans were teased with Embiid’s superior tweeting ability after he was drafted in 2014. His love for photoshop, odd tweets, and a comical attitude on Twitter quickly captured the hearts and minds of Philadelphia as fans flocked to his account each day.

However, it was short-lived, as Embiid suffered a setback that made him go dark on Twitter for several months.

Hopefully, with this new medical clearance, Embiid will eventually get back to his superior Twitter game and reach his full potential.

“It’s still a long road. Right now he can tweet out a few lines to her, but we’d like him to hold back on the photo shopping he used so well in the past. He’ll get there, though,” Dodson said.

At press time, Embiid celebrated by drinking a pitcher of Shirley Temples and dropped his laptop on his surgically repaired foot.

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