Fletcher Cox figures he can finally purchase that Colonial Penn Life Insurance policy


How will his family take care of his “final expenses” when he’s gone?

Philadelphia, PA – Just a day after signing the most lucrative non-quarterback contract in the history of the NFL, Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox knew it was time to start thinking about his final expenses.

The 25-year-old star athlete, who just signed a $103 million deal (of which $63 million is guaranteed) noted he was watching Jeopardy and saw an advertisement for Colonial Penn Life Insurance and he began to worry about what his loved ones would do when he passed away.

In the 30-second spot, two elderly women discuss the events of a recent friend’s funeral, and how the deceased’s family is struggling to pay off her final expenses. One woman expresses her anxiety at burdening her family as well, until her friend tells her about an insurance policy that will take care of her family after she’s gone, won’t deny her due to pre-existing health conditions or age, and costs just pennies a day.

“Really makes you think what may happen to your family after your gone. I’m not married yet and I don’t have kids, but I could see it happening some day. Need to make sure they’re taken care of,” Cox said, subsequently hanging up with his accountant after discussing how his new deal will bump him up into the highest possible tax bracket.

Cox successfully agreed to terms with Colonial Penn Life Insurance for a low-level police and scheduled a health exam with the insurance company in order to qualify for a reduced monthly payment of $25.

To celebrate his newfound life insurance policy, Cox told reporters he may “break the bank” and lease a slightly used Toyota Tercel for the next 30 months.

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