Unhappy, overconfident Nick Foles skips OTAs after not getting in team carpool


Los Angeles, Calif. – Quarterback Nick Foles is a no-show today at the beginning of Los Angeles Rams voluntary OTAs, after the four year veteran could not find a spot in the official team carpool to the stadium each day.

Foles said it was almost unconscionable that the unanimous starting quarterback for the Los Angeles Ram could be cast aside in such an embarrassing fashion.

Citing the city’s horrific traffic and high gas prices, Foles expressed his frustration that no team member would give him a ride to OTAs, while rookie quarterback Jared Goff reportedly found a spot in the most popular team carpool with Pro-Bowl running back Todd Gurley III and wide receiver Tavon Austin.

“It’s insane. I’m not driving all the way into the city for voluntary practices. I’m unquestionably the leader of this team and nobody will give me a ride? Maybe I’m just too intimidating a presence? Either way, people have to get over it and let me in. I’d bring muffins or something every day, I just don’t want to drive in this traffic,” Foles told reporters.

Foles looked into possibly taking an Uber to OTAs each day, but the estimated cost was about $5,000 a trip and he quickly dismissed it as an option.

Front-office representatives had not yet given Foles an answer after he requested a helicopter pick him up and drop him off at the facility each day.

“You think Tom Brady has this type of problem? No way. I’m Nick Foles, damnit, treat me as such,” he grumbled.

At press time, Head Coach Jeff Fisher denied a proposed front office plan to provide Foles with a discounted bus pass.


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