Villanova already in March Madness form

81bd7c9d1946838dad3efd90676f3b18Philadelphia, PA – After a disappointing Big East championship weekend, #2 seed Villanova looks to be in “vintage” form for the upcoming NCAA Championship tournament.

Steamrolling through the earlier rounds, the heavily favorited Villanova squad fell 69-67 in the Big East Championship round against Seton Hall.

After the loss, head coach Jay Wright declared the Wildcats to be “March Madness” ready.

“We’re right on track. Perform superbly in the regular season, even be ranked #1 at one point, and really raise the hopes of our fans and the city to unrealistic levels,” he said. “Then, we lose in the championship game of the Big East tournament, not even to the second seeded Xavier, but to Seton Hall.”

“While not horrendous, it plants just a perfect, lovely little seed of doubt into our fanbase that they’ve seen this all before.”

Wright said he’s pleased with his team going into the tournament and “can’t wait” to see how they disappoint the city again.

“A #2 seed going in? I’d rather be a #1, so when we invariably lose in the Sweet 16 by 20 points it would crush our fans even more. Maybe we’ll even lose to Temple in the second round, ohhhhh that would be sweet,” Wright noted.

At press time, Kris Jenkins noted he had decided to drastically alter his shot motion, but was confident he could do so in three days leading up to the tournament.

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