Puppy Bowl survey shows fans believe Cam Scootin’ disrespects the game


Cam Scootin’ of the Carolina Pawthers has been a powder keg of controversy this entire Puppy Bowl season.

A national survey conducted by Langer Research Associates, on behalf of The Coggin Toboggan, shows fans greatly dislike 6-month old black lab Puppy Bowl participant Cam Scootin’ and his perceived “uppity” attitude towards the game.

Cam Scootin’, quarterback for the Carolina Pawthers, has been a divisive figure for the media and fans during the Puppy Bowl season. Known for his trademark frolicking and face licking after touchdowns, Cam Scootin’s proponents have said the criticism facing the talented puppy is mainly related to his breed.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents said Cam Scootin’ “disrespects” the Puppy Bowl with his on-field actions. When asked what bothered them the most about the Black Lab, several respondents pointed out the “flashy collars” that he wears and his “excessive romping and rough housing” during games.

Janice Smeltington, a 42 year old Nashville mother, wrote in her survey that she had “no idea how to explain Cam Scootin'” to her 9-year-old son.

“During the conference finals of the Puppy Bowl, my son and I had a close up view of Cam Scootin’. We saw the arrogant barks, his ridiculously over-sized ears, and that 25 second timeout he took to lick his genitals and butthole. We saw it all. I refuse to believe that he should be a role model for my son,” she wrote.

However, 45% of total respondents said his breed had no impact on their answers and they would have responded the same way if Cam Scootin’ was a Yellow Lab instead of a Black Lab.

“Sometimes it’s just how they act? You know the breed. They’re a bit energetic, if you get my drift. Just because he’s a Black Lab doesn’t mean I look or treat him any differently than, say, a Corgi or Golden Retriever,” Mike Schnell of Raleigh, North Carolina wrote.

However, Schnell said he would be “hesitant” and “definitely concerned” if his daughter brought a black lab into his home.

Nearly 99% of southern state respondents said they vastly preferred 7-month-old German Retriever Peyton Growling to win this year’s Puppy Bowl.

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