Super Bowl bound Evan Mathis sends Chip Kelly antagonistic texts at 2 a.m.

032614_evan-mathis_600Denver, Colo – Perhaps rubbing salt into Chip Kelly’s wounds, Evan Mathis, a member of the Broncos Super Bowl bound roster, sent a picture of himself partying at 2 a.m. at a Denver nightclub to Chip Kelly’s cell phone.

The picture reportedly was sent along with the following message:

“Up past 10 p.m., how will we ever be ready to play?! Oh wait, we’re grown men who don’t need 12 hours a sleep a night. We’re going to the Super Bowl, enjoy San Francisco! Too bad we don’t have any internal monitors on this team, or maybe you could monitor how much I hate you and wish you would die on a daily basis. Thanks for cutting me, so long chump.” the text reportedly read.

UPDATE: A follow up text was sent to Kelly at 2:15 a.m., which was just a picture of Mathis’ middle finger pointed to the camera.

UPDATE 2: A third text at 2:30 a.m. was sent to Kelly. Mathis apparently took a picture of dog fecal matter on a Denver sidewalk with a caption that simply read, “Chip Kelly.”

“God damnit,” Kelly muttered, before retiring for the night, as he had to prepare himself for an early morning of administering kale enemas to the entire 49ers roster.

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