Hey pinheads, go vote for us at The Eagles Awards

special-trophy-meme_generator-370x278We don’t ask for much, we really don’t. Day in and day out we give you award winning, HILARIOUS takes on Philadelphia sports and nonsense that makes this stinktown of a city so much fun to be around.

So you know what you can do for us before the year is out? No no, money isn’t necessary. Put away your wallets and open up your hearts to a miracle.

If you like us, if you really want to make us happy and have us stick around for another year and stop looking at the loaded gun on our desk lovingly, then go vote for us for the FIRST ANNUAL EAGLES AWARDS 2015.

Pick us for one of the categories and send in your votes. You need a Gmail account to cast a vote, so go sign up. Hell, sign up multiple accounts and stuff the ballot box, we’re certainly not above cheating.

In fact, I insist you cheat.

Here’s the link:


Go vote for us. Remember, we’ve brought you such fabulous Eagles articles in the past year as these:

Reports from Eagles practice describe “Incredible Freakout” by Les Bowen. 

Eagles Marcus Smith gaining confidence he can successfully qualify for unemployment benefits.

Sam Bradford wows during iron lung drills at Philadelphia Eagles OTAs. 

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