NFL ban on pre-game warmup accessories hurts Eagles morale

Bene BenwikerePhiladelphia, PA – As a result of several Carolina Panthers menacingly wielding a bat toward New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. this past weekend, the NFL has banned all accessories and non-essential items during pre-game warmups.

The ban has negatively affected several member of the Eagles. Sam Bradford, for one, typically walked out onto the field during warmups using a pair of crutches.

“Sam would limp out onto the field like every bone in his body was on fire. He’ll definitely miss that. It really got him pumped up for each game…and physically helped him onto the field,” Chip Kelly.

When asked who else it would affect, Kelly said DeMarco Murray typically brings a pillow and night cap onto the field during warmups.

“DeMarco likes to catch a few winks before the game starts. He’ll even sleep into the start of the first quarter, we usually don’t wake him up,” Kelly told reporters. “And he can’t sleep without that nightcap. God help us if he’s awake and active when the games start.”


Kelly said the ban would not affect the release papers he makes Marcus Smith bring out onto the field before each game.

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