Miles Austin takes walk down injury lane at Monmouth University

Austin returned to the location of some of his more glorious injuries as a football player.

Austin returned to the location of some of his more glorious injuries as a football player.

West Long Branch, NJ – A smile appeared on Eagles wide receiver Miles Austin’s face when he emerged from the team bus this afternoon. He was, after all, returning to the university where he spent four glorious, injury ravaged years before making his way into professional football.

Austin, the university’s all-time record holder for receiving yards with 2,867, fondly recalled some of his more debilitating injuries on the Monmouth University football field.

“Looking back on it, the excruciating pain I felt almost every day of my life here is next to nothing from what I suffer through now, but it really helped me get ready for my professional career,” Austin said, as he limped towards the practice field.

Standing on the sidelines of the field where he played four long, agonizing years for the Hawks, Austin fondly recalled his days as a college athlete with just a hint of chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

“See that spot right over there? The left hash at the 35 yard line? I tore my hamstring off the bone running a fly route my senior year. Later my friends told me they could hear my agonizing screams echoing throughout the entire campus. Man it is good to be back!”

When asked for more memories of his playing days at Monmouth, Austin said the rest of his time there was just one long haze.

“One time…well…damn. Thought I remembered something there for a second, but nope,” he said, holding a hand to the sides of his head.

Austin then reportedly shattered his femur after tripping over a seam on the playing field’s artificial turf.

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