Eagles hope to reach short-term extension with Sam Bradford’s hospice care provider

Sam BPhiladelphia, PA – Eagles front office representatives confirmed Tuesday morning that officials were working closely with Sam Bradford’s agent to agree on a short-term extension with the quarterback’s hospice care provider.

“Based on Bradford’s latest workout and physical examination, we don’t believe we should invest in a long-term extension at this time,” a front office rep said, preferring to remain anonymous.

While his teammates began another arduous training camp, Bradford was resting comfortably at his hospice care as priests and nurses hovered around the young athlete.

Reports confirmed Bradford’s agent was holding up negotiations as he demanded Bradford have final say in the athlete’s ultimate resting place. Eagles representatives reportedly hope to had Bradford stuffed and mounted in front of The Linc to offer fans with a once in a lifetime photo opportunity, but Bradford hopes to be interred at Memorial Cemetery back in St. Louis.

“It’s a real sticking point with them. It’s going to be interesting to see what they finally do agree on,” Sal Paolantonio said. “However, both sides want to reach a deal before things are too late. Shouldn’t be too long now, especially considering all of the injuries this young man has been through in his career.”

As of press time, Chip Kelly was still optimistic Bradford would be available by next week for training camp workouts.

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