Nelson Agholor totally stoked for camp to begin

050515_nelson-agholor_600Philadelphia, PA – Nelson Agholor, Eagles wide receiver draft pick out of USC, expressed his excitement to finally get to camp next week and enjoy a little bit of mother nature.

“I heard they have this awesome rope swing that totally swing you out over a pond and launches you like 100 feet up into the air. I’m definitely going to do that first. And then I’m going to go over to the archery range and check that out. I bet I’ll be super, super good at it. I kick butt with my Nerf set at home,” Agholor said.

Despite some fluttering nervousness about being away from his family for an entire week straight, Agholor said he definitely would not be calling home to leave early.

“Only little kids do that,” he said.

Sources confirmed the rookie finished packing for camp early this week, stuffing a small duffel bag with flip flops, bathing suits, tank tops and junk food he hoped to sneak past the camp counselors. His smiling mother packed a separate bag with more clothes for Agholor and his special “huggy bear” if he got lonely.

“I’ve heard Counselor Kelly can be a bit of a rough guy, but all the other guys who have been to camp said Counselor Staley is totally awesome. Last year he took all the running backs down to the quarry and let them jump off the cliff into the water. How awesome is that?”

As of press time, Agholor was worried that some of the older campers would try to take rookies out into the woods for a snipe hunt, and unceremoniously leave them in the woods in the middle of the night.

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