Editor’s Note: Congrats to Kimmo, but where’s our cup?

Kimmo Timonen in a moment of triumph, but where is our Cup?

Kimmo Timonen in a moment of triumph, but where is our Cup?

Sure it was a great site last night. Kimmo Timonen, longtime Flyers defenseman  traded to the Blackhawks prior to this year’s playoffs, realized his professional dreams and finally was able to hoist the Stanley Cup at the age of 40. It was a triumphant moment as the veteran broke into tears after kissing the cup, realizing his career was coming to an end on top.

But I ask you, where is our cup?

And when I say “our cup” I really mean “my cup.”

And when I say “cup,” I don’t mean the Stanley Cup. What I mean is my Breakfast on Broad mug promised to me by the fledgling CSN morning show.

Lets get our priorities in line here people, this is far more important than Kimmo Timonen triumphing in his return from blood clots and winning the Stanley Cup. I was promised a mug, and damnit, I want it and I want it now.

This is the top Philadelphia sports story in my mind right now, and it should be the top sports story on all of your minds as well. How can something be promised to one man and then not be delivered upon?

My story is as compelling as Kimmo’s, yet nobody seems to care at Breakfast on Broad. Personally, I blame host Rob Ellis. Blame him for this city’s lack of a cup and let him know about it on Twitter.

I was promised a mug on Twitter after answering a promotional Tweet from the show back in March and it has yet to arrive. Where is the justice?

I have tweeted and tweeted at the Breakfast on Broad twitter account and have been met only with steely silence. Do you think Kimmo was in pain when he rehabbed to get back on the ice this year? It’s nothing to the pain I feel when I look at my boring, plain white mug I take my coffee in each morning. Yes, it serves its purpose, but it’s not the mug I was promised.

Maybe if I work hard this cup will finally be mine.

Maybe if I work hard this cup will finally be mine.

One day, I dream I can lift the cup over my head, plant a kiss on the sacred symbol, and enjoy some delicious coffee out of a piece of swag sent to me by some poor intern working at Breakfast on Broad.

All I can do now is keep my head down, keep working hard each day and hope things will work out.

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