Ruben Amaro Jr. fulfills lifelong dream of appearing on Price is Right, overbids on every item

the-price-is-right-instagram-contest-tracking-trendz1Philadelphia, PA – Ruben Amaro Jr. got to live out one of his dreams on Wednesday, as the Philadelphia Phillies general manager went to a recording of the popular and long-running CBS game show “The Price is Right” and was chosen as one of the first individuals to appear on famed Contestant’s Row.

Amaro’s appearance on the show quickly became a laughingstock and viral video sensation as he overbid on every single item presented to contestants by host Drew Carey.

Things didn’t start out well for Amaro, as contestants were presented with a can of Del Monte wax beans and asked to guess the retail price without going over.

“Del Monte? Our scouts love Del Monte, they’re high on Del Monte, I know that,” Amaro Jr. said, as Carey asked him to initiate the bidding. “Drew, I’ll bid $600. That’s a quality bean and will serve us well in the future. The fans behind me may not like Del Monte wax beans or my bid, but they just don’t know this game. I know the Price is Right.  All they do is bitch and complain, so what do they know?”

The retail price for the beans was $2.59. Members of the audience roundly booed a confused Amaro Jr. for his comments.

“You misunderstood, I just said a portion of you were ignorant pigs, not all of you!” Amaro pleaded, before a large root beer was poured down the back of his shirt.

And so it went. In the second round of bids, Ruben Amaro Jr. unsuccessfully bid $10,500 for an iPad Mini and then $980 in the third round for a collection of four Kohl’s brand Izod collared shirts.

“I don’t understand it,” a flabbergasted Amaro said. “How am I so bad at this?”

Breaking from show procedure, Amaro Jr. realized he would not be successful as a contestant and decided to trade away his position on contestant row to a lucky member of the audience. Despite repeated warnings from Carey that it was not a good idea to trade away his future as a contestant, Amaro Jr. decided to listen to his gut and press forward.

After no contestant jumped at his initial asking price of $10 million, Amaro Jr. found himself watching the rest of the show from the audience after he completed a successful trade with Agnes Klornfield of Tulsa, for a half-full tin of Altoids and an old lifesaver she found wadded up in a napkin in her purse for his spot.

“No regrets. Sure this lifesaver is old and has crud on it, but I’m very excited about the Altoids. I think they’re really going to do my breath some good in the future if they can ever be brought up to my mouth from their container,” Amaro Jr said.

As of press time, Amaro Jr. had spilled the tin of Altoids over the studio floor.

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