John Bolaris regains partnership with NBC 10 after angrily ranting on Twitter

Just chilling in a corner, going to do some weather, no big deal.

Just chilling in a corner, going to do some weather, no big deal.

Philadelphia, PA – Just several days after losing a business deal with NBC 10, oft-controversial weatherman and founder of regained his partnership after angrily ranting on Twitter for over 48 hours.

“When he Tweeted and said he increased our hits by over three times, we had to reconsider. How could we not?” A contact at NBC 10 said this morning.

Bolaris gave weather updates and forecasts for NBC 10 until he was let go this past Saturday.

“Of course we knew we had made a mistake when he said, ‘The nation is full of hypocrites,Rapist, murderers,Woman abusers,Dog killers,pedophiles,Tax cheats ALL get hired & are working TODAY.’ We thought to ourselves, you know what, he has a point here,” the anonymous contact said.

“And then when he mentioned the ESPN reporter who was only suspended for ranting at a tow truck worker was not fired because she was hot, well, we knew he was absolutely correct.”

Bolaris was rehired this morning and given a lengthy apology from station management and it was all due to his well thought out, well balanced rant on Twitter.

As of press time, Bolaris was apparently preparing a lengthy tirade against the station and the other media big wigs who have fired him over the years for his first on-air appearance after being rehired.

Go let John know we love him on Twitter, please! @johnbolaris

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