Chip Kelly strongly hinting at rentals instead of ownership to Sam Bradford

Don't get too comfortable, Sam.

Don’t get too comfortable, Sam.

Philadelphia, PA – Citing the strength of the Philadelphia apartment rental scene in the city as of late, Chip Kelly has been dropping hints to Sam Bradford since acquiring the 27-year-old quarterback last week that home ownership may not be a wise investment at this point in his career.

“All I’m saying is that you can get a big return for your money by renting something in the city. It just might not be the smartest move right now to buy,” Kelly said to Bradford in an email acquired by the CT.

Since his arrival last week for a physical, Kelly has emailed Bradford a number of “great leads on apartment rentals” in Center City and is strongly suggesting that Bradford look into something that is “on a month to month basis.”

“I know this landlord. He’s a great guy and will definitely let you take this place on a monthly basis. This is purely hypothetical, but if you have to leave suddenly one day in the near future, you don’t want to be tied down, am I right?” Kelly wrote.

Bradford thanked his new head coach, but seemed genuinely confused at how interested Kelly was in his housing situation.

“I was definitely a bit taken aback when he forwarded me a Craiglist ad that he wrote for me to ‘just help with’ my apartment search,” Bradford said during his weekly meeting with the media.

The ad text claimed the 27-year-old professional athlete is in the market for a short term rental, with “flexible leases an absolute must.”

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