Obscure Philadelphia Athlete of the Week: Dave Babych


Dave Babych’s mustache led the league in penalty minutes in 1985.

Dave Babych, you marvelous son of a bitch. A depth defender on the Philadelphia Flyers for a season and a half, Babych’s main claim to fame on the squad was an unbelievable handlebar mustache (and a horrific lawsuit against the Flyers in 2002 that claimed a misdiagnosis of a foot injury shortened his career, but who’s counting) that he used to deter opponents due to its shear awesomeness.

Truth be told, Babych was a mediocre defenseman on an otherwise fabulous team, but my goodness, did you see that mustache? Look at that thing…full…dark….swaying in the breeze as he skated, there was nothing better than looking at that thing as he struggled to keep up with far superior offensive players.

Babych was traded to the King halfway through the 1998-1999 season, but a picture of his mustache still remains above the tunnel to the Wells Fargo Center, which players slap on their way out to the ice before each game.

Dave Babych fun facts:

• Tried to trim his mustache just once before the 1991-1992 season, but the Vancouver Canucks threatened legal action if he did so.

• Was known to spend roughly $65,000 a year on mustache wax.

• Medical lawsuit against the Flyers was declared null and void after the judge observed the fullness and richness of his mustache, and declared it could never grow on a man with any health deficiencies whatsoever.

• Was named to two consecutive all star games. His mustache was named to three.

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