Alleged Dez Bryant video purchased by The Coggin Toboggan


Will Dez Bryant’s career ever be resurrected following the release of this controversial, disgusting footage?

Earlier today, the Coggin Toboggan was able to purchase the Dez Bryant video that has been teased to the media for the past several days. It was a major coup for our small, fledgling blog, but we believe it will thrust us onto the same stage as Deadspin and ESPN.

After hours of intense negotiation with shady, back alley channels, we purchased the infamous video for a hefty sum.

The video is embedded below.

With all of the rumors floating around the internet about this particular video, the CT editor in chief decided it was imperative to jump on the opportunity to purchase what could be a seminal video in 2015.

Having viewed the 1:13 video several times, we here at The Coggin Toboggan are unsure if it was money well spent.The footage is grainy and in black and white, obviously from a security camera, so we cannot 100% tell if it is indeed the beleaguered Dallas Cowboy athlete.

It is certainly disturbing, and as promised by rumors, much worse than the Ray Rice video. It’s too early to tell if his career will ever get back on track after the fallout generated from the footage.

The CT reached out to Dez Bryant for a comment on the video, but the wide receiver did not return phone calls.

So we’re going to put it to you, the readers, to make a final decision on this horrific and atrocious video. You will undoubtedly be seeing this played countless times across the national media circuit today, but please, remember that you saw it at The Coggin Toboggan first.

Please remove all children from the room, as the following footage  may be disturbing for young viewers.

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