Should the Coggin Toboggan go behind a pay wall?


With the launch of the Philadelphia Athletic today, a new subscription based Philadelphia sports website that puts all of its material behind a paywall, it got us thinking. Are people willing to pay money for top-notch sports content in this city?

We’re banking on it, BECAUSE DADDYS GOT TO EAT. I’ve been living on catfood for the past year.

You people have been freeloading long enough. It’s time to put some money in our g-string and pay the piper. You people have picked my bones clean for LONG ENOUGH. You think it’s easy coming up with this hard-nosed, factual, original content every damned day (every other day….once a week….ok, once every month) for your amusement? It’s hard work people, I LOSE SLEEP OVER THIS NONSENSE.

I’VE HAD IT WITH YOU PENNY PINCHERS. Open up the wallet and lets see what a subscription can get you with the Coggin Toboggan. Prices after the jump.