Exclusive: Chase Utley takes out ad for fans upon return to Philadelphia


::sighs:: What a dreamboat.

Chase Utley makes his triumphant return to Citizen’s Bank Park tonight for the first time since being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers last year.

The beloved second baseman hasn’t forgotten his roots in Philadelphia while playing out the remaining years of his career in sunny LA, so the hard-nosed athlete reportedly took out an advertisement that will appear in all evening editions of the local newspapers thanking the fans upon his return.

Don’t ask how, but we were able to procure a copy of Utley’s ad BEFORE it is to be printed in the papers. We had to do…well…things we’re frankly not proud of. Probably won’t be able to look into a mirror for a long time after this one and I know, personally, that I won’t be able to meet the eyes of my wife or son for many days….but it’s all worth it to get the scoop of the baseball season!