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Doug Benson is back in Philly this week and back on The Coggin

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Doug Benson of Doug Loves Movies (and future show Doug Loves Roller Coasters)

Last year Doug Benson came to Philadelphia, kicked the shit out of his shows, kicked the shit out of his interview with us, and then rolled out of this city and left it in his comedic wake.

Doug is back and ready to kill a stand-up show on Wednesday, June 22, at Helium in Philadelphia (the show is currently sold out) and then he’ll be hosting TWO of his popular podcasts, “Doug Loves Movies,” on Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th. Both shows will begin at 4:20 p.m. and tickets are still available for the Sunday show only.

Check out this link for tickets to this stand-up show if any become available and this link for tickets to his podcast on the weekend.

Usually we feature comedians that enjoy sports, blah blah blah, but Doug is too funny to deny an interview to, so we’re quite happy to welcome back (the now recurring) Doug Benson to The Coggin Toboggan.

We touch on conspiracy theories involving “League of their Own,” if remakes suck, and who the best actor/wrestler of all time was in this classy interview filled with mystery and intrigue.


Lori Petty (aka Kit Keller) reads the Coggin Toboggan, sheds light on ‘League of their Own’ mystery


The face of jealousy.

Yesterday I published a very thorough review of “A League of their Own” and the coaching decisions therein. In this post, I floated a theory that Dottie Hinson dropped the baseball during the climactic collision in the final inning of the championship game with her sister, Kit Keller, who had been traded earlier in the year.

Of COURSE she dropped it on purpose. Dottie was the best player in the league, was married to Bill Pullman, and was secure enough to quit after one season of dominating the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.