Doug Benson is back in Philly this week and back on The Coggin

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Doug Benson of Doug Loves Movies (and future show Doug Loves Roller Coasters)

Last year Doug Benson came to Philadelphia, kicked the shit out of his shows, kicked the shit out of his interview with us, and then rolled out of this city and left it in his comedic wake.

Doug is back and ready to kill a stand-up show on Wednesday, June 22, at Helium in Philadelphia (the show is currently sold out) and then he’ll be hosting TWO of his popular podcasts, “Doug Loves Movies,” on Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th. Both shows will begin at 4:20 p.m. and tickets are still available for the Sunday show only.

Check out this link for tickets to this stand-up show if any become available and this link for tickets to his podcast on the weekend.

Usually we feature comedians that enjoy sports, blah blah blah, but Doug is too funny to deny an interview to, so we’re quite happy to welcome back (the now recurring) Doug Benson to The Coggin Toboggan.

We touch on conspiracy theories involving “League of their Own,” if remakes suck, and who the best actor/wrestler of all time was in this classy interview filled with mystery and intrigue.

The Coggin: Doug! Welcome back to The Coggin Toboggan. It’s a pleasure to speak with you again and to see you’re bringing your standup and Doug Loves Movies podcast back to Philadelphia. It’s been a year since we’ve talked to you, so we’re just letting you know that we’re a little bit older now, a little bit wiser, and much, much more bitter about life in general.

So, we know you’re not a huge sports guy, but I think you’d be a perfect source to answer this age old question about “A League of Their Own.” We recently wrote about the ending of the movie and floated the theory that Dottie Hinson dropped the ball on purpose after her kid sister Kit slammed into her during the final play of the deciding championship game. We believe she wanted her sister to win, it was all Kit had going for her, so Dottie dropped it on purpose and let her win.

We reached out to Lori Petty on Twitter and shared our theory and she denied that’s what really happened. We’re still not convinced.

Doug, put an end to this. Did Dottie let Kit win?!

Doug Benson: No, I think Dottie wanted to win but the movie needed her to fail because it’s a movie about sisterhood and equality and not winning and losing. But good on you guys for caring about a fictionalized ladies baseball game.

The Coggin: So, as I’m sure you know, the great Rowdy Roddy Piper died since the last time we spoke with you. Not only was he a fabulous wrestler, but he was also a decent actor. Doug, we pose to you, what is the best performance ever given by a wrestler in a movie? So many great ones to choose from, but we’ll stick with our boy Roddy and say it had to be him in They Live. Just an absolute classic.

Doug Benson: It’s hard to beat Roddy but how about Andre the Giant in “The Princess Bride”?

The Coggin: You like to pose this question to all your guests on Doug Loves Movies, but what’s the last movie you watched? We saw Turbo Kid last night, a delightful independent Canadian movie that combines 80s apocalypse movies and BMX movies. Highly suggest it. What have you seen?

Doug Benson: I’ve heard that movie is cool but I haven’t seen it yet. Yesterday I was on a 4.5 hour flight so I watched “Deadpool” three times. I wish I was kidding. But I really love that movie.

The Coggin: We’d consider you an expert on all things cinema, so care to throw your two-cents in on the new Ghostbusters movie? Frankly, we think it looks pretty good, don’t know what all the fuss is about. Bunch of funny women, a nice piece of beefcake to look at in Chris Hemsworth, a good director, sign us up.

Doug Benson: The second trailer was much better than the first, but in my opinion it showed too much. I’m a huge fan of director Paul Feig – also, full disclosure, he’s a great guy i’ve known for a long time – so I’m going to go into with an open and hopeful mind.

The Coggin: Give me your dream team of Doug Loves Movies guests. Could be anyone living or dead, real or fictional, doesn’t matter.

Doug Benson: I’m not much of a dreamer. I honestly don’t sit around wondering who I can get. If I meet someone famous or someone I admire, I ask them to do the show. Or sometimes publicists reach out to me with some ideas. Twitter can be very helpful as well. But I feel obligated to answer your question so I’ll say the four dudes on Mt. Rushmore. Or the cast of the new “Ghostbusters,” because I just realized that saying “four dudes” might be construed as sexist.

The Coggin: You’re a big amusement park guy. Three world class amusement parks in the Philadelphia area, so who you got out of Hershey Park, Dorney Park, or Six Flags Magic Mountain?

Doug Benson: I’ve only been to Hershey Park, and I’m going there again this visit as part of a Preston & Steve radio remote, so I’m gonna have to go with… Hershey Park!

The Coggin: We LOVE Last Man Stanton at the Toboggan (a game played on Doug’s podcast where an actor or actress is chosen and guests have to name as many films as they’ve appeared in until they can no longer do so). Last time we had you on we suggested a category for the now defunct Leonard Maltin Game (The Twilight End Zone, which you used) so now we have to suggest an actor for Last Man Stanton. Jon Favreau. Lots of movies to choose from and directing credits. It’s gold!

Doug Benson: Yeah, he’s a good one. I just saw “Rudy” again the other day and had forgotten that the character played by Jonny Favs pays Rudy money to help him meet girls. Rudy The Pimp!

The Coggin: Alright, last question. Give me one good remake you’d LIKE to see made in Hollywood?

Doug Benson: Ugh. Remakes as a general rule suck. But I wouldn’t mind a remake of “Super High Me” if it was someone who isn’t me who had to quit weed for 30 days!

Go check out Doug this week at Helium in Philadelphia and check out his upcoming dates at his website,

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