UPDATE: @GregfromPotomac fills us in on his secrets and his infamous rose picture

If you’ve been following the saga of Meisha Johnson and @GregfromPotmac on Twitter, you’d know by now that we’re OBSESSED with the fact that Greg tweets the same picture of a vase of roses to countless female newscasters across the country and seems to be quite smitten with CBS 3’s weather girl.

Earlier this morning we wrote about Greg pitching some woo to Meisha. This led us to investigate his twitter feed and discover his ELEGANT use of a vase of roses picture to sweep women in the media off their feet.

Case in point:


We reached out to Greg earlier today for answers:

In true baller fashion, Greg got back to us and we’re entirely in his corner now. Meisha, you must date this man IMMEDIATELY:

What a perfectly sane answer! Greg, we salute you.

I went down the rabbit hole of one WIP listener’s tweets to CBS 3’s Meisha Johnson

Old man Angelo Cataldi continues to have one foot out the door to his retirement and dipped back into his bag of tricks this morning, summoning CBS 3’s weather girl Meisha Johnson to the WIP Morning Show studios to make sure she receives her recommended daily dose of the heebie jeebies and grill her on her love life.

It’s a tired bit and just an excuse for Cataldi to “help” Meisha “put on her headphones,” but my heart always skips a beat and the sky looks even more blue when this pops up on my twitter feed.

There is nothing better in this world than reading the responses from WIP listeners to Meisha Johnson on Twitter.



Now, usually I’ll go through these tweets and pick out the best ones, but today is different. The very first tweet sent to Meisha is from a listener @gregfrompotomac who “playfully” encourages Meisha to reveal their relationship on air.

Oh ho! I see what you did there, Gregory! Just some “cute” flirting about the “relationship” you have with Meisha. Well done sir! I’m sure the WIP Morning Show gang will get a good laugh out of it.

Hmmm…maybe we should take a quick look at Gregory’s twitter feed, see what else he’s been up to. Probably just a one time tweet to Meisha to be cute, right? Yeah, probably, nobody would make this a habit, right? RIGHT?!