UPDATE: @GregfromPotomac fills us in on his secrets and his infamous rose picture

If you’ve been following the saga of Meisha Johnson and @GregfromPotmac on Twitter, you’d know by now that we’re OBSESSED with the fact that Greg tweets the same picture of a vase of roses to countless female newscasters across the country and seems to be quite smitten with CBS 3’s weather girl.

Earlier this morning we wrote about Greg pitching some woo to Meisha. This led us to investigate his twitter feed and discover his ELEGANT use of a vase of roses picture to sweep women in the media off their feet.

Case in point:


We reached out to Greg earlier today for answers:

In true baller fashion, Greg got back to us and we’re entirely in his corner now. Meisha, you must date this man IMMEDIATELY:

What a perfectly sane answer! Greg, we salute you.

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