Bernie Lomax

76ers announce most hilarious signing of the year!


Lomax (center) has signed a one-year deal with the 76ers.

The Coggin Toboggan has an anonymous, high ranking source in the Philadelphia 76ers front office willing to provide the blog with all of the up to date moves Sixers GM Sam Hinkie makes during the season. The CT will keep its readers updated on all of the trades, free agent signings and special promotions the 76ers have planned for the future.

Having been granted a 16th roster spot for the year, the Philadelphia 76ers have rounded out their squad with a fresh, young, and hilarious new talent that will surely entertain generations to come.

The 76ers announced they have signed Bernie Lomax and his two assistants, Larry Wilson and Richard Parker, to a one-year deal.

Lomax reportedly kept Hinkie in stitches during their meeting with his fun loving attitude and humorous adventures.

Let’s go to the tale of the tape to see just how Bernie may help the team this year.