Phillies reveal final plans and location for refurbished Veterans Stadium Liberty Bell

It’s no secret that we love the old Veterans Stadium Liberty Bell at the Coggin Toboggan. Hell, we tracked the bell down to a Food Distributor company that neighbored Citizens Bank Park, where it lay in wait for years until a proper plan could be devised for it.

The Phillies confirmed to us in an exclusive story that they were planning to refurbish the bell and display it to fans for the 2019 season.

We even stalked the bell from outer space, finding satellite pictures of the monolith rotting in CW Dunnet and Co’s backyard. We procured exclusive pictures of the Phillies reacquiring the bell last year, seeing it in all its rusted out and weathered glory.

And now, finally, we know what the Phillies plan to do with the relic that I, personally, DEVOTED 10 YEARS TO TRACKING DOWN.

The Phillies announced today a new upgrade to Citizens Bank Park. The franchise is currently transforming a 24,500 square foot space next to the third base plaza into a new area called the “Pass and Stow,” which will feature a Shake Shack, an outdoor beer garden, a family friendly sports pub, and yes, the Liberty Bell.

Here are the plans for the Veterans Stadium Liberty Bell:

Continuing with the Liberty Bell theme, the Phillies are bringing back the iconic 19-foot high Liberty Bell that was once located atop Veterans Stadium. The newly refurbished bell will be prominently displayed as fans approach the ballpark, providing yet another photo opportunity.

Awesome. IT LIVES AND WILL LIVE ON FOREVER. According to the Phillies, the “Pass and Stow” will be open by the home opener against the Braves on Thursday, March 28.

Maybe when you get a picture with it this season just take a moment to remember that your friends at the Coggin Toboggan loved the Liberty Bell before it was cool.



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