Odell Beckham Jr. is a quagmire of shit

Before human piece of white toast Pat Shurmur is inevitably fired following a 2-14 season, the best thing he could do for the Giants franchise is to put measures in place to keep Saquon Barkley as far away from Odell Beckham Jr. as possible. Put their stalls on opposite sides of the locker room, keep their interactions limited to a bare minimum, spray Barkley with a water bottle if he comes within 20-feet of Beckham…anything to keep one of the worst teammates in the NFL away from one of its best young talents.

Beckham is an awful teammate. He is a black hole of shit. He sucks teammates into his gravitational pull and crushes them under the weight of his diva attitude, molding them into less talented, just as disgruntled clones of himself. Sterling Shepard has already circled the drain, sucked into the Beckham maelstrom; suddenly imploding on the sideline during games and fighting inanimate objects while the Giants find themselves down by two touchdowns yet again.

The Giants suck. Everyone knew they were going to suck this year. We all knew it, Eli’s noodle arm knew it, but Beckham chose to sign a massive money deal to stay in New York despite the storm clouds forming on the horizon, so its time for him to shut the fuck up and stop making the entire season about himself. He’s five games into a 5-year contract extension and he’s already conducted an insane interview while sitting next to Lil’ Wayne to voice his displeasure about the city, the franchise, and his quarterback. He left the field before halftime last night due to “cramps”, got into a verbal altercation with a fan, and fought an industrial fan on the sideline (how many Giants fans were hoping his hair would get caught in the blades and he’d be sucked in) to “get himself going” …  not at all for the attention.

He fought an industrial fan while Barkley was flat-out balling and showing the league that he’s one of the best running backs in football, despite being DEMOLISHED by the Eagles at the time. You really want Odell showing the ropes to Barkley? How to act like a “professional?”

As an Eagles fan I hope the Giants allow it. Corrupt away, Odell, it will be less for the Eagles to worry about when Barkley takes a page from Beckham’s notebook and starts complaining about his contract and the number of carries he’s getting through the course of a game. The Giants should really start sweating if Barkley ever buys a captain’s hat and is heard chartering boat trips to exotic locales during the season.

Beckham is a cancerous mole in that locker room. Get it removed and hope it hasn’t spread to the only bright spot the franchise has left.

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