Maybe the Phillies should rethink inducting alleged child molester Pete Rose to the Wall of Fame?


(Photo credit: NY Daily News)

Now, I may not know a whole lot, but don’t people usually not enjoy being around alleged child molesters? I know for a fact that child molesters aren’t usually inducted into Wall’s of Fame (unless they’re child molesting wall’s of fame, the least popular type of wall) in front of 20,000 shocked, silent fans.

So maybe the Phillies should rethink this one, huh?

Sure, it may have been a good, novel idea to induct Pete Rose to the Phillies Wall of Fame a week ago. He of the Moe from the Three Stooges haircut certainly still has quite the following. He did help the Phillies win the World Series in 1980 and he did eventually admit to gambling on baseball while coaching baseball. Hell, just a week ago he was like a raunchy old uncle that doesn’t know any better. Couple rough edges here and there, but he’d buy you beer when you were underage and he’d always have a few hilarious stories to tell.

Now it seems like he was more apt to try to fuck you when you were 15 (allegedly) than buy you beer.

Maybe take a pass on this one, Phillies. Do you really want Dan Baker to introduce Rose on Aug. 12 and have the fans nervously look to one another, wondering what the hell to do….do they cheer a guy who may have had sex with a 15-year-old girl in the 70s? Do you cheer him for what he did for the Phillies and the city? Do you take option C and huck an empty bottle of bourbon at his bowl haircut?

He’ll just take his Wall of Fame plaque and troll for chicks in local Middle Schools anyways (allegedly). You don’t need that.

Take a hard, hard pass, Phillies. Do you want to be known as the most losingest franchise in all of sports that welcomes alleged child molesters into its Wall of Fame with open arms? IT’S A MEANINGLESS HONOR. It was designed to sell out a game in the doldrums of August when nobody usually gives a shit about the Phillies.

Even Mike Lieberthal is on the stupid Wall of Fame, it’s not that important.

Kick that gambling addicted, tax evading, alleged child molester to the curb and don’t look back.

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