The 76ers FEDS nickname stinks, so why won’t our suggestion of Right Said FREDS catch on?


I see nothing problematic with this at all.

Leave it up to CSN Philadelphia to completely suck all of the fun out of the NBA draft by suggesting the absolute dumbest nickname for the 76ers young core of exciting players. The FEDS? Fultz, Embiid, Dario, Simmons? Get the hell out of here. That’s awful.

But look, we’re not about tearing down at the Coggin, we’re all about building up. We’re not just going to trash an idea, no matter how idiotic and stupid it is, without at least offering a viable alternative. Good game, good effort CSN, but let the professionals take over from here.

There’s only one possible solution to this problem and it’s the simplest.

The perfect nickname for the 2017-2018 76ers core is “Right Said FREDS: Too sexy for this game.”

BOOM. No need to improve on perfection. Fultz, Robert, Embiid, Dario, Simmons….it’s a nickname to be proud of.

Sure, Right Said Fred hasn’t been relevant for 25 years and their mega-hit “I’m too Sexy” was released before any of these guys were even born, but we’ll iron out the details as we go. It’s a nickname to be proud of.

The tie-ins for the marketing department are endless. Are you telling me Right Said Fred wouldn’t be available to perform at every halftime of every home game next year? The sexy boys from Right Said Fred tearing off 76ers jerseys as they blast their hit single to a rocking Wells Fargo Center every night? If you think they sold a lot of season tickets before…my goodness.

Long live the Right Said FREDS.


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