Eagles coaches raving about Marcus Smith’s Uber rating


Eagles position coaches were buzzing Wednesday morning about recently arrived defensive lineman Marcus Smith, parcticularly in regards to the young man’s 5-star Uber driver rating, claiming he had shown vast improvement already over last year.

When asked to give an assessment of Smith so far, Chris Wilson, the defensive line coach of the Eagles, said Smith’s 1992 Toyota Tercel was “practically spotless” and he “always asks you if there’s a specific route you want him to go, or if he should just use Waze.”

“Last year he was a mess, I’m not going to lie. Filthy car, he would talk your ear off the entire trip, I didn’t know what he was doing out there most of the time,” Wilson said.

“It’s like night and day compared to this season, though. Quick ride, he didn’t play any music unless I asked him too, just a professional through and through. I could see him really making a go at this, he could have a future.”

Wilson said Smith forced his hand and he had to give him a coveted a 5-star rating on the popular driving app.

When asked to give an assessment on Smith’s performance on the field, Wilson assured reporters he would be cut before training camp.

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