Jon Dorenbos attempts to make Nick Cannon seem talented in most difficult magic trick of all


Jon Dorenbos on America’s Got Talent pulled off his most unbelievable trick yet.

New York City, NY – Jon Dorenbos’s run in America’s Got Talent came to an end last night, as the long snapper turned magician finished third overall in NBC’s popular reality show.

His final trick, however, was perhaps his greatest and most mind-blowing accomplishment throughout his time on the show.

“Nick, I want you to think of what you’d rather be doing right now in your career. Just think of it, write it down on this piece of paper, and then put it into your pocket,” Dorenbos told the host of America’s Got Talent.

The long snapper for the Philadelphia Eagles then took out a magic wand, flourished it over Cannon’s head, and clapped his hands three times.

“Now, Nick, do us all a favor and reach into your pocket and pull out that piece of paper,” Dorenbos said before the hushed AGT crowd.

Cannon proceeded to reach into his pocket, but instead of the piece of paper pulled out a record contract with Sony and three new Platinum record certificates.

“You see?! Magic can make the impossible possible! Nick Cannon is a success, ladies and gentlemen, can you believe it? And the best part…well, my goodness, what’s this?” Dorenbos said, motioning to his right as Cannon’s ex-wife Mariah Carey came out on stage.

“Nick, I love you, let’s give it another shot,” Carey said, beaming as she hugged Cannon.

The AGT judges and crowd were blown away by the impossibilities they had just seen.

“By far the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen in my years with AGT. How did you do that? Unreal,” Howie Mandel said.

Simon Cowell simply shook his head, unable to speak at the unimaginable feat Dorenbos had pulled off.

“Never in all my years did I think I’d see Nick Cannon, THE Nick Cannon, appear as if he were a talented, successful entertainer. If you don’t win tonight the country will have done you a great disservice,” Mel B said, her voice drowned out by the thunderous cheers from the crowd.

“I’m Jon Dorenbos, peace out!” He yelled, clapping his twice hands as the contract, certificates, and Mariah Carey disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

Sources confirmed a sobbing Cannon was pleading with Dorenbos to tell him “how he did it” at the end of the episode.

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