13-year-old at Scripps Spelling Bee enjoying moment, knows it’s all downhill from here

1024px-scripps_national_spelling_bee_logo-svgNational Harbor, Maryland – Jairam Hathwar, 13, a finalist at the 89th Scripps National Spelling Bee, said he would enjoy every moment at the Bee because, in all likelihood, everything would be downhill from here on out.

The fabulously talented speller noted that if he wins the competition he would likely enjoy a brief moment of elevated popularity at his school, but after a week or two most would forget about his national championship and go back to making fun of his choice of shoe wear or his lack of athletic ability.

“You better believe I took a few extra moments after I nailed ‘daguerreotype’ in the finals. If I make the championship round tonight I’ll definitely be going to some of the parties available to the spellers instead of going back to my hotel to study. I need to live this up right now, it won’t get better than this,” Hathwar told reporters.

Hathwar said life would most likely not be better than his participation in the spelling bee until at least college, when the majority of people around him didn’t know he participated in several national spelling bees.

At press time, Hathwar said he would likely be disappointed if he didn’t win the 2016 championship, but was looking forward to playing some “goddamn X-Box for a change” instead of studying spelling every hour of every day.


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